У 2019-й РІК СІМ’Ї семінари ігрової АРТ-терапії для дітей і родин

Year of the Family in Ukrainian Orthodox Church has been announced by the Synod’s Family Department. It has been inspired by the parishes and families from the different dioceses: Kherson, Lutsk, Transcarpathians, Lviv, Kyiv – everywhere families with the 15 or 9 or 7 children take a part into the family seminars and conferences for the sake of orphans and ill children. Especially, when it is possible to create a new families or adopt former orphans into the family. How it comes inspiring and gracefully – to prepare a game-therapy creative dialogue with families in order to prepare former orphans into a graceful Family-life… As, for instance, we try to act by the masterpieces of ART-therapy of forefathers’ Church-culture. In such a way even works this ARCH-Carpathian translation of the song of Bruno Kolais “Vois sur ton chemin” : “НА ДОРОЗІ ТИ“.

How it is great, when our most prominent youth choirs are coming with the national masterpieces to volunteering missions of parishes and centers into the healing institutions with the new and kind old games. It is not a newly invented phenomena, that children could discover everything and study different subjects easier in games. Let these games be intelligent, smart and healthy – that’s our job.

Game-studying ART-therapy methods are frequently in use into the most prominent Universities of our Slavonic countries, an even in Germany as well. These healthy generous and profound possibilities of creativity increasing among the youth and families today help to restore whole groups and corporations with the poly-generation auditorium especially are successful. Therefore, we propose an unique Carpathian music-ART-game therapy for the families and youth, orphans and people into the rehabilitation needs. Let the “Bears of Prague”: as one of the city-bound methods be useful for the children and families to improve a brave-cheerful-cooperation:


Великим потенціалом володіють майстерні, де арт-терапевти усіх поколінь гармонійно і бережно передають людям цілющу силу мистецтва у клініках, хоспісах, будинках реабілітації та санаторіях. Цей послух із року в рік, віками передається у досвіді общин і родин в кожній з наших Слов’янських країн: – саме тому наше товариство, як і інші партнери співпраці – готові виїхати до вас на лекторії, семінари та арт-терапевтичні заходи ефективної співпраці діточок і родин.

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